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Stat launches into 2D, 3D and virtual reality animation!

The Stat team is pleased to announce that it is embarking on animation production. Whether for 2D, 3D or visual reality, you can count on a seasoned team in animation. In order to ensure exemplary quality, we try to specialize mainly in the short term.

Do you have an advertising or presentation project, whether short or long term?

Experienced professionals

Professionals from all fields of animation are part of the Stat team to meet your needs, from the design phase to postproduction.

Bring your ideas to life

Do you have an idea for an advertising or animated website? Meet the Stat team and we will take the time to conceptualize your project. From the initial brainstorming with your team, followed by the scenario to the brainstorming drawings, your project will be followed from start to finish in order to bring your initial idea to life.

Let us support you in your creative ideas, contact us!


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